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Water Damage

Well the rains have begun here in Renton WA. There are a few things you can look for when buying a house. In addition to causing destruction, water damage also has an adverse affect to the indoor air quality of your home. Damage from water can cause wood rot, insect infestation and mold . The obvious causes of water damage are leaking roofs, windows, doors, foundation cracks and visible plumbing leaks. These are fairly easy to detect, enabling a quick repair before maximum damage occurs. The not-so-obvious culprits are moisture behind finished basement walls that are insulated with fiberglass; poor grading around foundation walls and air leaks that occur between the living space and attic. Insulating finished basement walls with fiberglass is not a good idea. Fiberglass will absorb water and not allow it to travel through the wall, preventing a drying effect.

The Answer To Moisture Traps:
Some people think installing a plastic barrier in the wall is the answer, but this approach only traps moisture. A better way is to use rigid insulation (also known as blue board). This insulation is semi- permeable and allows moisture to travel through the wall, allowing it to dry. Water can also enter the basement if the grade of the land is pitched toward the house. Grading the soil away from the house and adding rain gutters will guide rainwater away from the house. Openings from the house to the attic and poor ceiling insulation in houses located in colder climates can lead to ice dams that cause water to back up into the house. Air leakage from the house to the attic will carry moisture in the form of humidity into the attic that can form water on the underside of the roof leading to rotting and mold.

The House and The Attic
Leakage Points
Typical leakage points between the house and attic are: · Leaky attic hatches · Holes drilled for plumbing pipes and electrical wires that penetrate the attic and are usually not sealed · Recessed light fixtures that are not the airtight type · Exhaust fans that vent directly into the attic

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