Art lovers head to Renton

Renton is one of the most enjoyable cities to just spend the day with your family to enjoy the sites. One of the biggest unknown part of Renton is the art work that has been placed around the city for your enjoyment.
Renton Municipal Arts Commission Next Meeting
October 7, 2008
Council Conference Room, Renton City Hall
4:30 p.m.
The Renton Municipal Arts Commission was formed by Resolution 1320, on August 9, 1965. Overseeing an annual budget, the Commission is charged with the responsibility of acting in an advisory capacity to city government in connection with the artistic and cultural development of the city.
The Commission consists of 12 members appointed by the Mayor and subject to confirmation by a majority of the members of the City Council. Of those 12 members, at least four must be residents of the city. Its membership includes representatives from many diverse fields, with special interests in architecture, art, music, literature, education and other cultural disciplines. All members of the Commission are appointed for three-year terms, and all serve without compensation for services.
The Commission operates with a set of policies and procedures established by the members.
Commission responsibilities:
The Commission is responsible for reviewing the design, execution and acceptance of works of art funded or otherwise acquired by the city.
The Commission, along with the Mayor, annually reviews all capital improvement projects anticipated within the following two-year period to determine which projects are appropriate for inclusion of works of art and to estimate the amount allocated for this purpose. Whenever a work of art is to be funded under the One Percent for Art ordinance as authorized under Ordinance No 3749 in 1983, the Commission selects the appropriate work of art and recommends that artwork to the City Council. The Commission may initiate contracts with artists for these works of art.
The Commission is responsible for directing maintenance, inspection and rotation of works of art selected and installed for the city. The Commission keeps an inventory of all city-owned artworks.
The Commission may seek alternative funding sources for visual and performing arts programs.
2006 - 2007 Accomplishments:

  • Placed and dedicated the artwork “Home” by artist Dawn Murin at Heritage Park.
  • Placed and dedicated the artwork “Duwamish” by artist Doug Kyes at the Henry Moses Pool.
  • Recruited new Arts Commission membership representing artists and graphic design. Integrated a new youth member.
  • Provided funding and participated in Arts Unlimited art walks and the Renton Annual Art Show.
  • Networked with other South King County arts organizations. Lobbied in Olympia for additional art funding.
  • Continued local arts shows in the Carco Theater lobby.
  • Staffed Renton River Days art booth with interactive “build your own” art projects for children.
  • Teamed with Renton Parks to host the Renton River Days Kids Day coloring contest.

2008 Goals:

  • Place artwork “Welcome to Renton” by Glassworks at the Tiffany Park Community Center.
  • Continue to seek alternative funding sources for visual and performing arts programs.
  • Find a new enhanced location for the artwork “Emerging” currently located at Carco Theater.
  • Repair and move the artwork “Equui” at Burnett Linear Park.
  • Update city artwork brochures and Arts Commission website content.
  • Carry on the Bravo Award program to recognize individuals and organizations that support the arts in Renton.
  • Replace and update missing or damaged identification plaques for City artwork.
  • Seek community participation with the upcoming Municipal Arts Commission Master Plan
  • Pursue and support performing and visual art opportunities within the Renton community.

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