We're Saving the Planet... One Drip at a Time!

Protect our precious resources AND save money with these handy water-saving tips:
+ Install ultra low-flow toilets that requires only 1.6 gallons (6 liters) per flush rather than the old style which consume up to 7 gallons per flush. Consider pressurized models for a better flush.
+ Turn off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving. This can save up to 5 gallons per day.
+ Take a shower instead of a bath and save an average of 20 gallons of water.
+ Install a water-efficient showerhead with a flow rate of less than 2.5 gallons per minute.
+ Call Maple Valley Plumbing to install a tankless water heater. These systems are vastly superior to traditional water heaters in both effectiveness (virtually endless hot water!) and energy efficiency.See our tankless showroom for details!
+ Sprinklers should water your lawn, not your sidewalk. Adjust them appropriately to limit waste. As hard as you might try, cement will not grow with watering:)
+ When cleaning off your driveway, use a broom instead of the hose. This saves water AND money, and often takes less time to get the job done.
+ Check for outdoor leaks on your hose bibs, sprinklers and hoses. If you own a pool or spa and use an auto filler, check periodically for leaks by turning off the auto filler and seeing if the water level remains constant.
+ Grab a wrench (or call us) and fix that dripping faucet. This can save up to 300 gallons per month!
+ Teach your children to turn off the sink faucets tightly.
+ Remind your children to turn off the sprinkler, slip-n-slide or other outdoor, continuous-use water toys when they come into the house to drip water everywhere.
+ Remember to check your sprinkler system valves for leaks and keep the sprinkler heads in good shape.
+ If your toilet flapper doesn’t close after flushing, have a licensed plumber replace it. We're just a phone call away!
+ Always drop your tissues, Q-tips and Barbie Dolls in the trash instead of flushing down the toilet. This saves water and potentially costly repairs from clogs. (Yes, we have rescued Barbie from the briny depths of the toilet, compliments of a three-year-old taking Barbie swimming in her new pool:)
+ Never, ever flush paper towels.
+ When washing your car, use a nozzle on your hose. You’ll save over one hundred gallons each time!
+ If your toilet was installed prior to 1992, consider having Maple Valley Plumbing replace it with a more efficient toilet. As a temporary measure, consider inserting a displacement device in the tank.

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