What is a short sale

When the sellers owe more on their mortgage(s) than the value of their home, the sellers are in a shortage situation if they decide to sell. There will not be enough money to pay off the loan(s). The seller would need to come to the table with proceeds to satisfy the lien(s). That is not the same as being able to justify a short sale where the bank determines that the seller is worthy to be allowed to sell the home at less than the outstanding lien(s), and the bank will accept as their loss the shortage. In order to be considered for short-sale eligibility one would have to have a hardship such as divorce, medical expenses, job loss, death of family member or some similar life catastrophic situation. In addition, the sellers’ expenses must exceed his/her/their assets/income, they are behind on their payments and have no way to repay the bank. Simply owing more than the home is worth yet wanting to sell regardless of a lack of hardship is not a reason to apply for a short sale.
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