A Thorough Cleaning Can Make Your Home Look Like New

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Considering Home Improvement?
Warmer weather means home improvement for many Americans. But, before you hire workers or purchase expensive tools to transform your home, consider the little things you can do that may make a big difference.
Do you need to renovate, or will a new coat of paint or thorough cleaning do the trick? Nearly 75 percent of Americans set aside a specific time for a yearly top-to-bottom cleaning, and most say it takes a whole weekend to complete. With a few quick and simple tips, you can easily improve the look of your home.
Get Organized!

Get organized! Spend a few minutes in each room you plan to improve and make a list of everything that needs to get done. Include everything from the obvious, like making a bed, to the not-so-obvious, like cleaning a dusty light fixture.
Color Change. Instead of revamping an entire room with new furniture or carpeting, spruce it up by changing the color of the walls. A fresh coat of paint, which you can apply in a day or two, will liven up a room without too much expense or hassle.
Flip Or Dip!
Flip or Dip. When you change the bedding or launder the bedspread, turn over your mattress. Experts say mattresses should be flipped at least twice a year to prevent dips in the middle. Closet Close-up. Change in season is the perfect time to store away your winter wardrobe and take out your warm-weather clothes. Remember, overlooked stains can become permanent over time, and there is nothing worse than getting out your favorite shirt for the season, only to realize last year's red wine stain has left some remnants. Take out your bleach pen before storing to conquer the stain. It can target those hard-to-remove spots, especially between stripes. · Clean Routine. For the most thorough and sparkling clean, start at the top of the room and work your way down to the floor. Wipe down light fixtures, clean mirrors, wipe down cabinet doors and dust off baseboards. · Got Mold? Instead of replacing what looks like permanently moldy or mildewed grout, try using a convenient cleaning tool to scrub and whiten. Use the Clorox Bleach Pen to remove stains on grout and reach pesky tile corners in the kitchen and bath. The scrubber tip of the pen works wonders on stubborn spots, while the fine point is great for targeting stains in tight spaces around sinks and drains.

Helping Hands: Almost half (49 percent) of Americans engage their spouse or children in cleaning tasks around the home. Make a list of chores and give everyone an assignment.
Diligent Donator: Installing new kitchen appliances but reluctant to throw away your old ones, which are perfectly good? When cleaning out areas of your home -- closets, cupboards and cabinets -- put items to donate aside. Check with your local donation organizations for lists of needed/accepted items.
Do Disinfecting. Instead of using germy sponges, dishrags and paper towels, use a disposable disinfecting wipe so you can clean and disinfect in one easy step. Small places are easy to forget and often harbor the most germs. Don't forget to wipe down toilet flushers, light switches, cabinet handles and doorknobs.

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