How To Repair Holes Holes In The Sheetrock

In this newsletter, you will learn how to repair holes in the walls of a home. There will be two sections; one with instructions for small holes, and another for large holes. Removing wallpaper or removing old wallpaper can sometimes result in some of the drywall or sheetrock coming off with the wallpaper. Don't worry this is a common occurrence - especially when the wallpaper is very old.

The question is how do you fix the holes in the sheetrock once the wallpaper is removed?

There are a couple of ways you can easily repair the holes - The first method, if it's a small hole, is to purchase some drywall or sheetrock filler. There are a number of manufactures that produce the filling agent and it can be easily purchased at your local hardware or DIY retailer. The filler is usually white in color and has the consistency of putty. Depending upon the size of the hole, follow these directions-

How To Repair Small Holes

1. To repair the hole, use a small "filling knife" or you can even use the wallpaper scraper you used in your removal project.

2. Sprinkle or spray the hole and area with clean water - just enough to get it wet.

3. Using the filling knife or scraper, push the filling agent into the hole. Apply enough filler until it is level with the surface of the wall. Remove the excess with the edge of the filling knife or scraper.

4. Allow the filler to dry completely. Depending upon the product you are using, the filler may shrink slightly during the drying process. If this is the case, you may need to make a second application

5. Once the filler is dry, use a light grade sand paper to remove any excess filler that is not level with the wall.

6. Finally, you can now paint or wallpaper the wall.

Repairing The Surface Large Holes

1. For large holes, you will need a filling knife or wallpaper scraper, a few sheets of newspaper, and a small roll of "Drywall Seam Tape.

2. Start by removing any dust or small pieces of sheetrock or drywall from the hole. Next, sprinkle or lightly spay clean water on the hole and surrounding wall.

3. Moisten the newspaper and gently push it into the hole so that it fills up the majority of the whole area.

4. Next, apply the filling agent on top of the newspaper and to the remaining whole area.

5. Using the drywall seam tape, cut a piece of tape to just fit over the whole area. Apply the tape over the hole.

6. Again apply the drywall filler over the tape and smooth the area with the edge of the filling knife or scraper.

7. Allow the filler to dry completely and then sand the area with light grade sandpaper

We hope that this information is useful and that you continue to read our newsletters and pass on tips.

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