Electrical Panel

Have you looked over your electrical panel as well?
If you've remodeled, the labels may need to be changed (that's assuming you have labels). If they aren't clearly marked you've got a great family project on your hands. This can take either a few minutes or an hour or so, depending on how many outlets, switches and lights you have in the house. If you have those handy walkie-talkies or a mobile phone, it makes the job of identifying the circuit breakers or fuses a lot easier. One person stays by the panel flipping switches, while the other teammate walks the house letting you know what's on and what's off.
To identify the circuits will require turning on all the lights in the house. For outlets, you'll just have to switch off the breaker and have your partner flip on an appliance, radio or lamp that's plugged in that outlet to determine the match.
The good thing about this project is that it won't have to be done again unless you remodel and add on more outlets and switches on more circuit breakers.

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