Home Projects that Pay

Favoring Family Rooms
While family rooms became popular after many American homes were built, the lack of one can be a deal-breaker for many house-hunters. That doesn't mean you necessarily have to add an extension onto your house, but you may face sacrificing other spaces in order to create one. Existing space can easily be turned into a family room. To enlarge smaller spaces, try lowering the floor, opening the ceiling or expanding out with large bay windows.
Home Office Tradeoffs
Home offices are a growing trend, especially in predominately professional neighborhoods. So why would adding a home office not be a good idea? Well, if you convert a bedroom in order to make that home office, it will no longer be considered a bedroom in a real estate listing; and that could adversely affect your asking price.
Losing out on Landscaping
Ornate landscaping and fancy gardens are great for adding curb appeal, but will rarely affect the value of the home. Remember that landscaping is all about personal preference, and requires time and money to maintain - potential buyers won't pay up for them.
You're Better off with Basic Improvements
Fixing what you already have can be more important than making improvements. It may not be all that enjoyable, but basic improvements have the greatest return. Sure, you can have a magnificent master suite and brand new kitchen, but if your roof is leaking, you're in big trouble. If you're thinking of making any home improvements, be sure to tackle any problems with the home's structure or mechanical systems first. Proper maintenance, like updating plumbing and electrical systems, is where you'll get the most payback.
Consult the Professionals
You can't always make a decision about home improvements based solely on the financial aspects. You may need extra space for an expanding family or have a home improvement that just can't wait. On the other hand, if you're planning to sell and are considering making improvements in order to increase the selling price, do your homework first. What's important to you may not be important to a potential buyer. Talk to experienced realtors, builders, and other industry professionals about whether you're likely to make back the money you put into the improvements.

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