Five BBQ Safety Tips

With spring here and me craving a nice BBQ buger I thought it only fitting to discuss BBQ safety. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:
1. Check for gas leaks at least once per season. With the barbecue valve "OFF" and the propane valve "ON" spread a soapy solution on the hose fittings and valves. Bubbles indicate a leak. Replace or repair the part before using your BBQ.

2. Insects (especially spiders) love propane and will make nests and webs inside the flame tubes. With a small brush or pipe cleaner be sure to clean the tubes regularly to prevent blockages that may cause a fire.

3. Always light a gas BBQ with the lid open. If you need to use a match, have it burning before you turn the gas on. If the BBQ doesn't ignite, turn the control valves off and wait a few minutes before trying again.

4. Never BBQ indoors or in a garage. Keep the grill at least three feet from the house on a level surface when in use. Keep kids and pets away.

5. Inspect your BBQ inside and out. Clean any blockages and replace any missing or worn "O" rings on the gas hose.
Keep the BBQ free of dust, dirt and rust and replace any old or corroded burners.
There are thousands of people injured each year as result form improper BBQ use. Follow the tips above and you won’t be one of them

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