How to Deal With Major Home Renovations

When donepurposefully, cleverly and competently, renovations and upgrades can increasethe value of your home by thousands of dollars. Good planning is the key tosuccess, whether you’re aiming for a small or a major remodeling project.
Renovations orupgrades are one of the best ways to not only increase the value of your housebut also to increase your enjoyment of your home. With a sound plan and a bitof imagination, your project can be a winner. Your first job is to make a listof objectives for your renovation. This list tells you how extensive yourproject will be. Budget will of course figure into your final decision.
You need to thinkabout what would be the most cost effective upgrade. The kitchen and bathroomsare first choice upgrades that convert into more money later. The kitchen isthe heartbeat of your home; and when you entertain guests, the flow often movesthere. The bathroom is another room home buyers love to inspect vigilantly, soyou’ll want it to have lots of appeal.
If you’re planningto begin a do-it-yourself home improvement scheme, you’ll need to think about anumber of issues before taking the plunge.  Here are just a few to keep inmind:
  • Tools: It’s vital to have the correct tools for some jobs.  
  • Skills: You have to evaluate your skills realistically and know your limits.  
  • Time: You have to think about the time you have available to take on these home improvement and repair responsibilities.

    If you’re not goingto do the renovation yourself, ask friends and work colleagues forrecommendations. It will be well worth taking the time interviewing andchecking credentials to ensure you have the right company. Make sure you get awritten contract that includes, amongst other points, what work is to be done,a timeline, terms of payment, and verify that the contractor is insured so youwon’t be held liable if they’re injured on your premises.
    Planning yourrenovation project can take a good deal of time, but because home renovation isa huge undertaking, it’s time well spent. There’s no getting away from the factthat home renovations can be dusty, inconvenient and can often go over budget,but when you see your dream realized, it’ll all be worth it!

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