Wireless connection lost : solution, fix

My father is in town visiting this week. So we pulled out our laptops to look at our favorite Blogs and to let him get caught up on his e-mail. After 5 to 15 minutes he would lose his wireless connection.
After searching this problem on Google I noticed a few things.

1. Reading through the 25 to 30 reports no one responded with a fix.
2. Everyone had different computers and routers.
3. Everyone was using Windows XP.

As I was checking my router settings and my father's laptop to make sure everything was correct I noticed my laptop never lost connection. the only difference between the two was that my father was letting windows configure his wireless settings.
Once I unchecked that box everything was fine. If you do not have another program to manage your wireless settings you will need to check the box and then uncheck it to remain connected.

So for those of you who need help getting there, here we go :
1. Click on your wireless network connection somewhere along the bottom right of your screen.
2. Click on Status.
3. Click on properties.
4. Click on wireless networks.
5. Uncheck the box at the top that says use Windows to configure my wireless network settings.

Again if you don't have another program managing your wireless settings you will need to check that box and then once you are hooked up to the network just uncheck the box to stay connected.

Hope this helps everyone out there.

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