How to make your home sell quickly.

Including Advice From Your Local Real Estate Guru
Lonnie Snyder

Here are 8 hot tips to help you out.

1. Make certain that everything is spotless, clean and fresh . . . Windows are particularly important.
2. Clear out any clutter and personal items. Making certain that the kitchen counters and table tops look sparse and inviting.
3. Replace light bulbs with high wattage. Prune back plants that block light and keep drapes and any blinds open at all times.
4. Create open spaces and draw attention to the strongest selling point in every room.
5. Choose light, neutral shades of paint to brighten walls and make rooms appear larger.
6. Freshen the yard, filling in bare spots with annuals and shrubs. Add fresh bark and keep the lawn green and mowed.
7. Create a stylish entrance always keeping in mind that first impression are lasting ones.
8. Look at your home through a buyer’s eyes. Making certain it is inviting and open enough so that future residents can visually place their furniture and belongings.

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