Making a Move?

When you're thinking about making a move, consider:
__ how much money you want to spend.
__ what type of home you would like.
__ where you would like to live.
__ when you want to move.
__ how much you qualify for and what financing works best.

Getting pre-qualified by a lender is a good idea in the beginning stage. This will help you determine your choices of homes and neighborhoods and keep your expectations realistic. When you start your search, get pre-approved for a loan as soon as possible. This will involve a credit check and employment verification, and once this is done all that needs to be done is for the lender to appraise the home.

Why is pre-approval so important? Pre-approval strengthens your position. A seller typically chooses an offer that is pre-approved over someone whose financial picture is still in question. If you or someone you know is looking to buy or has a real estate need or question, visit me at for buying and selling tips, MLS property searches, town and community information and more, or call me at .
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