WOW Skeleton found at a Renton construction site

Police say there was nothing to indicate a crime.
Skeletal remains found Thursday at a construction site in the Renton Highlands likely belonged to a person who was buried more than 60 years ago on the property, Renton police reported.
Police excavated the property after an adult jawbone was found Tuesday while the developer was digging to connect utilities to new homes at
2209 Edmonds Ave. N.E. In their excavation, police found more remains, along with metal poles and brackets that likely were part of a casket, police spokeswoman Penny Bartley said.

"We believe these remains were no doubt a family member or a loved one of the property owners Typically we don't see crime victims buried in caskets."
The ornate pieces likely were crafted between 1910 and 1940, based on an examination by the state Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation. The casket likely was wooden and had deteriorated, Bartley said.
Up until 1943, it was legal to bury human remains on one's own property.
The original home was demolished to make way for new construction. The developer recently bought the property through a private trust, police said.

Guess you just never know what your going to find.

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