When You’re Patio Door Sticks and Rubs

Yes it’s that time of the year when we get to enjoy the wonderful weather that we have here in Seattle, Renton WA. Now we all need to keep up on our maintenance and your seldom used screen doors are no different. So what can you do with a sticking sliding door?

Hints To Correct Sliding Doors
Almost every sliding patio screen door in the world sticks, because few homeowners know they can adjust the rollers that run in the track. You still need to keep the track clean, but adjusting the rollers is the key.

The Base Of The Door Sliding Doors
Look at the base of the door; you will see two small Phillips screw heads. They will be above the frame or in the side of the door, near the bottom. Tightening these screws lowers the rollers and lifts the door so the door rolls on the rollers without rubbing the frame.

Roller Adjustments Top Rollers
Most doors have a similar roller adjustment for the top rollers. If the door is tight or bound in the frame, loosen these top screws to allow the door to be raised when lowering rollers and screws. Don't adjust the door to the point that it's squeezed between the top and bottom frame. When you adjust the rollers, clean the track. Then spray a light lubricant on the frame and track.

Hope you are able to enjoy the warm summer days.

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