Nascar fans have fun in Covington.

On Aug 27th 2008 the Covington Home Depot got swarmed buy Nascar and Tony Stewart #20 Fans. There are not a lot of big name drivers that make it up to the Great NW. There has been hope that a track would be built in Washington. Former NASCAR star Darrell Waltrip thinks Washington State is so pretty, he might be willing to build a racetrack here by himself.
"Who would not want to come to Washington state and not see all the beautiful things you have here? You folks have got a little bit of heaven out here and we would really like to come out here and enjoy some of it with you." Waltrip said. Tony Stewart got stuck in traffic on the 167 highway but made up the time for his fans that had camped out to see him. He did a great job of taking a minute to talk with his fans as they made their way through the line for an autograph or a chance to take a photo.

Thanks to Tony and everyone. Wish more Drivers would come up to the Great NW.

Lonnie Snyder

Real Estate professional and Nascar Fan

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