Electrocution Danger Points Cont.

. Electrical outlets
Most electrical outlets are located in areas of the home that children can easily reach. Close to 4,000 injuries associated with electrical outlets are treated in U.S. emergency rooms every year, says the CPSC, and about one-third of these occur when kids looking to explore insert metal objects like keys and hairpins into the outlets.Since you can't move your outlets away from your kids, it's imperative to cover your outlets with the Sliding Decora Outlet Cover (for outlet covers requiring two screws, as in most newer homes) or the Standard Sliding Outlet Cover (for outlet covers requiring only one screw in the middle, as in most older homes.)If you routinely have kids in your home, check out these simple, inexpensive but ingenious outlet covers by clicking on either link above! These easy-to-install outlet covers are spring activated, so they automatically cover outlets when any plug is removed. This means kids can't insert objects or fingers into the outlets at any time!It's important to only insert appropriate plugs into electrical outlets (any other object poses an electrocution danger) and use caution when you do, such as being careful not to touch the metal prongs when inserting the plug.

. Electric appliances.
We become so accustomed to using electric appliances in our daily lives that it's easy to become careless with their use. This is often when electrocution can occur. Even touching an electric appliance like a hair dryer with wet hands can cause a shock. Here are some other safety tips to keep safe around electric appliances:

· Don't use electric appliances near water or while touching faucets or water pipes.
· Don't use appliances that have worn plugs or cracked wires.
· Don't attempt to fix electrical appliances on your own, even if it appears simple.
· Unplug appliances when they're not in use.

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