How to Customize Your Decor With Color

You can personalize your next painting project with a color scheme especially suited to your style, taste or even fondest memories. The first step is to find a photograph that recalls a happy trip or vacation. Select the dominant color in that picture as the paint color for your room. For example, a trip to a resort or cottage can be recollected by using the blue of the sky as your dominant color, with the green of the surrounding trees as the accent color.

With colors it's all about adjusting perceptions. A paint color can actually change our perception of the size and shape of a room itself. The right color in the right place for example, can make a room appear larger and brighter, or more intimate and less empty. It can even make a long and narrow room look more square-shaped, or vice-versa.

To make a room appear:
• Larger: use a pale color to create the impression that the walls are further away.
• Brighter: use a pale shade, like a light yellow.
• Smaller: use a dark color to make the room more intimate and less empty. Reds and earth shades for example, give the impression that walls are closer to us.

To change the perception of room shape:
• Long & Narrow to Square: paint the shorter walls in a darker color than the longer ones.
• Square to Long & Narrow: paint the two facing walls you wish to look longer in a lighter color.

Flat paints add richness and depth to the color of your room. Even high-traffic household areas like hallways, playrooms, bathrooms and kitchens can hold up easily with a lower gloss, but washable paint.

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