Tips for Organizing Your Recipes

When it comes timeto actually think about making that interesting pasta dish, it’s often nearlyimpossible to locate the recipe. Why not start out with a simple organizationproject that will make looking for that recipe so much easier!
First off, gothrough all the recipes you’ve ripped out of magazines on a whim and discardany you really don’t think you’ll use. If you’ve got recipes floating about inyour Email Inbox or saved in your Favorites, now is the time to go through them,print off the ones you think you’ll use, and delete the rest. Use one of theseideas to organize them:

  • Place them in a photo album with self adhesive pages.
  • Copy them onto recipe cards and use dividers to organize a recipe box.
  • Use a three ring binder and protect pages with plastic protector sheets.
  • Organize recipes in an accordion file with various categories.

To easily retrieveyour recipes, separate them into different categories that make sense to you.It could be "Ones to Try", "Old Faves", "MainDishes", "Desserts", etc. You can always change the categoriesin the future if need be -- the main thing is to get them into some kind oforder.
Like many things inlife, organization is a key to success. Meal planning and cooking will becomeso much easier once you can find what you’re looking for. So set aside a blockof time and start getting organized!

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